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Starting from analytical flavour research, initiated at the Technical University by Prof. Friedrich Drawert, together with Walter Jennings and Roy Teranishi one of the pioneers of flavour research, beginning from 1980 at Wuerzburg University, this activity was further extended not only by focusing on high-sophisticated analytical techniques, but also by including enzymic studies. The latter opened the field for biochemical and biotechnological studies of natural compounds on one hand, and selective bioorganic studies on the other hand. The latter ones were performed in cooperation with Organic Chemistry Department – particular thanks are devoted to Waldemar Adam but also to Helmut Werner (Anorganic Chemistry) who strongly supported us over years. For both areas, the development of selectived analytical techniques was a helpful link.

Later on, the research activities were increasingly devoted to studies of the biological activity of natural plant compounds which were carried out with various groups from the Wuerzburg University Clinic. Particular thanks are directed to Peter Riederer and Philipp Sand.

Finally, the fruitful cooperation in the area of animal-ecological studies with the Wuerzburg Biocenter should be mentioned. In this field, thanks are going to Erhard Strohm and Thomas Schmitt in particular. Retirement was in autumn 2008 and the last doctoral thesis is dated from 2011.